Damage to the structures of the knee commonly causes inflammation and swelling, also called fluid on the knee. Follow these natural home remedies by taking utmost care of your knees and joint.

Knee pain is one of the most common orthopedic problems that people face these days. In the opinion of the orthopedic doctors and surgeons, there can be many reasons for knee swelling. It makes the knees stiff, and people often become unable to straighten their legs. As far as pain is concerned, it is usually extremely painful. The main causes of knee swelling are knee injury, trauma, poor circulation, blood clot, insect bite, gout, bursitis and dehydration.If you have swelling and pain in the knees, you must take help of cane or crutches for walking.

These remedies for swollen knees are very safe and they seldom cause any side effects. As far as effects are concerned, people have been largely benefited by them. Some of the best home remedies for swollen knees are as follows, and you must know them to counter attack the problems of knee swelling and pain:

Natural Remedies Of Knee Swelling:

Eat Healthy Foods

As usual, food plays a very significant role in most of the remedies for swollen knees. You should eat a balanced diet that usually has all the necessary ingredients that can bring healthy nutrition to the body. You should take food enriched with Vitamins B and D along with Omega 3 Fatty acid. These foods can reduce pain and swelling quite considerably.

Regular Exercises

You should do regular light exercises by standing at one place that will improve the knee muscle tone. You can also select to perform gentle exercises such as yoga and swimming that can help in reducing the knee swelling. There’s no need to hurry while practicing the exercises, and you shouldn’t press yourself hard if you’re out of shape.

Take Rest

If you have swelling and pain in the knees, you should take rest. It helps in protecting the injured knee. Do less walking and stop all activities that cause swelling and pain. If any activity causes soreness, change the way you do that activity. You can put a small sized pillow below the knee while resting.

Ice Pack

Ice is one of the most effective home remedies for swollen knees. You should keep an ice pack at their home so that you can apply ice on the knees whenever you get troubled with knee swelling. In the absence of an ice pack, you should take ice cubes in a piece of thick cloth, preferably in a handkerchief, and then apply the same in the affected areas of the knees. You need to apply this at least 3-4 times for 20-30 minutes during every application.

Exercises to Reduce Knee Pain

Exercises to Reduce Knee Pain

Use Arch Supports

If you have swelling and pain in the knees, you should use arch supports. Arch supports can help in reducing knee swelling. These supports are inserted in the shoes.Use these supports after consulting an orthotic specialist. Arch supports help in preventing pressure on the knees, thus providing relief to patients who have knee problems due to osteoarthritis.


Massage is yet another natural remedy for your swelling. You can try out therapeutic touch that can aid in releasing endorphins and other distinct pain-relieving chemicals, and it even maintains healthy blood circulation around your knees.