Yes, Why Not! Here are the best home remedies that help in treating the problem of kidney pain effectively.

One of the most important organs of the body is kidney that helps in doing the most important work of eliminating waste products from the body. Due to several reasons the kidneys experience a lot of pressure and results in malfunctioning and cause the problem of kidney pain. Kidneys flush out waste products from the body in the form of feces and urine while straining and retaining useful components inside the body. Due to many reasons, like eating habits and other body infections, the functioning and efficiency of kidneys gets hampered. Sometimes malfunctioning may also results in terrible and unbearable pain in kidneys. In contrast to males, females are at more risk to get prone to the kidney infection. The pain is curable and can be treated with much efficiency at home itself.

Home Remedies For Kidney Pain

Home Remedies For Kidney Pain

The common symptoms of the problem of kidney pain are intense pain in kidney area, fever, urination, joint stiffness and pain. Coming to the causes, excessive drinking, improper eating habits, conditions like infection, kidney stones etc are all responsible for the problem. Here are the best home remedies that help in treating the problem of kidney pain effectively:

7 Tips To Cure Kidney Pain Naturally:


Basil is regarded as a superb tonic for kidney pain and infections. One, who is suffering from kidney-related pain or disorders, should consume a tablespoon of basil juice mixed with equal quantities of honey for effective results. However, the treatment should be carried for around 5 months to get the desired results.

Lemon Juice

Lemon contains citric acid, which helps in breaking down of calcium in kidneys. As you drink lemonade, you will pass urine more frequently and hence, it will flush out toxins from your body. This is one of the best kidney pain home remedies.

Nettle Leaves

Nettle leaves cause smooth flow of urine through kidneys. They are anti-bacterial and also helps in flushing out crystals from the body that may later take the shape of stones. You should drink nettle tea at least 2 to 3 times in a day to get relief from kidney pain.


Celery has got antiseptic properties and hence, drinking celery juice can be really pain relieving. Celery juice helps in eliminating out the toxins from the body that causes the formation of oxalates. Besides, it is also a diuretic, which helps in breaking down the existing stone in the kidney.

Tomato Juice

Drink a glass of tomato juice before you consume anything else, followed with a glass of water. It will help you in getting relief from the pain. You can also chop tomatoes and wrap them in a thick cotton cloth. Place it on the patient’s back for relieving him/her from the pain.

lemon juice for kidney pain

lemon juice for kidney pain


Water is extremely helpful, by flushing out our system, thus releasing harmful toxins. Granted, there will be a lot of urination with kidney infections, so asking people to drink more water, may seem ludicrous. However, water is always needed to dilute and flush the body free from the bacteria that causes a kidney infection. Drinking more water to urinate, cleanse the kidneys of unnecessary toxins.

Lady fingers

Ladyfingers are known to be kidney friendly vegetables and are used for treating several kidney related ailments without the help of medications. Take three ladyfingers that are slightly raw and cut them into smaller pieces. Soak them in two litres of drinking water and leave it overnight. In the morning, the ladyfingers can be squeezed and the juice removed and this mucilaginous water can be taken within two three hours. This is known to be a great way to relieve kidney stones and infections and also subside the pain as well.