A tooth abscess, canker sores, inflammation from the gums and build-up of oral bacteria may cause mouth infections.

Good oral health includes proper care of the tongue, teeth, and gums. However, even with the best of care, the mouth is an ideal place for infections to occur as it is warm, moist, wet, and filled with bacteria and viruses, as well as food to keep their colonies alive and thriving.

Infections can be as simple as canker sores and sore throats or as involved as tonnsilitis. Dental health is best maintained when the oral cavity’s overal pH is kept above 5.5. Below that level, the process of remineralization of the teeth can’t keep up with the effect of acids eating away at those same minerals.

A strong correlation has also been made between regular flossing and overall good health.

Mouth infections usually affect one of the following people

  • Individuals who have difficulty in keeping their mouth clean
  • People who wear dentures, or more so, if they’re ill-fitting dentures
  • People with diabetes
  • People who take prescription steroids
  • People who have a history of antibiotics use
  • People who take medications that cause a dry mouth are also more likely to get an outbreak of oral thrush
  • People with weakened immune systems are open to many infections and oral thrush is one of them


Signs that you have a mouth infection include, tooth abscess, inflamed gums and inner cheeks, and most commonly, canker sores. Mouth infections can be caused by anxiety, poor nutrition, and smoking, which all put stress on the immune system. Gum diseases increase the amount of bacteria in the mouth, which can also lead to infections.

Home Remedies for Infection in Mouth

Home Remedies for Infection in Mouth

Lemon Balm

According to Herbs 2000, a daily mouthwash made from lemon balm extract helps eliminate oral bacteria. Lemon balm features antiseptic and antiviral properties, and can help prevent sores in the mouth and inflamed gums. You can add five drops of oil to your regular mouthwash, or apply it directly to the affected area.


Goldenseal has been on old-time favorite in Europe and the United States for treating and preventing infection. It has astringent and antibacterial properties and kills some infections, while reducing inflammation. Holistic Online recommends adding 2 tsp. of dried herb to a cup of boiling water. Allow it to steep for 15 minutes and strain. Rinse your mouth two or three times each day with the tea.


According to Holistic Online, myrrh has been a popular remedies for mouth infections for centuries. Powdered myrrh is rich in tannins, which makes it good for reducing inflammation. You can dissolve 200mg to 300mg of myrrh powder in warm water or add 4 mL of myrrh tincture to a glass of water and rinse the mouth for two to 3 minutes. This should be done two or three times a day when you brush.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has been used for centuries as a cure for many ills. It is beneficial for mouth sores because it reduces inflammation and kills bacteria. According to Health-911, you can dab baking soda straight onto the afflicted area, or dissolve one tsp. into a cup of warm water and use as a mouthwash.