Safe natural home remedies to treat burns include cooling your skin, and using herbs and nutrition to assuage and aid healing.

In most third and fourth degree cases, natural home remedies for burns are extremely helpful and simple to apply. Small sun burns, steam, a hot iron, or hot coffee on the skin, these burns may be treatable right there in your own home, However whenever the burns tend to be more serious you may be dealing with a third degree burn. Burns are serious injuries, therefore we won’t be beating round the bush, this can be an emergency and we’ll get to it.

Act fast and discover a couple of good natural home remedies for skin burns injury and great suggestions for treating skin burns. Most of them are well proved first-aid burn treatments.

First, Second or Third Degree Burns

First degree burns

Fundamental essentials lightest and mildest of burns. You may experience lesions around the outer skin. Your skin is also red, sore and responsive to touch, slightly painful, you may have some swelling.

Second degree burns

These cause more severe damage, not just to your surface of skin but the tissue below. You’ll experience blisters (sometimes oozing), swelling, redness and sharp intense pain.

Third degree burns

Probably the most serious burns. The exterior skin and deeper tissue are severely damaged. Skin might be charred, looks black or brown, but also possibly white or creamy colored. Serious, permanent lesions and swelling. You are feeling no pain since the nerve endings are destroyed.

Tips to Cure Burns Naturally

Cold water

Still a good thing to do as first-aid for burns is cool the location down with cold water. Keep your burn(s) under cold flowing water for 15 to 1/2 an hour or longer if required. This will remove the heat. Don’t use ice or cold water, this could make things a whole lot worse.


Honey is really a natural moisturizing and healing agent and used perfect for treating the burnt skin and for preventing foreign materials and bacteria from entering the wound and causing infections. Honey will even prevent blisters from forming, which could cause scars onto the skin. Apply a thick coat of organic honey around the affected finger and then leave it on all through the day. This will help in the recovery process.


Diluted vinegar works like a painkiller and relaxes the skin tissue. Cover the burned area having a cloth that is soaked in vinegar diluted with cold water, doesn’t matter which kind of vinegar. Alter the cloth for any fresh one whenever the pain sensation starts to return. Do that as long as necessary.

Aloe Vera for Skin Burns Treatment

Aloe Vera for Skin Burns Treatment

Natural aloe-vera

Aloe Vera cools your skin and hence an excellent treatment for burns. Once you have burnt your fingers, you can use a thick coat of fresh aloe gel obtained from the aloe leaf. It has to be done once you have washed the region under cool flowing water. Laser hair removal will help in cooling the burnt skin and preventing scar formation. Natural aloe vera gel will even help in the recovery process and the burn will disappear in no time without forming any infection onto the skin.

Tea bag

In the event of first degree burns you are able to immediately combine the cold water burn treatment with tea bags. For second degree burns hold back until the wound begins to heal Soak some black tea bags in cool water for some minutes. Now contain the affected area within the cold tea for some minutes. Later you may also use the tea bags to put them gently around the burn area. Later again, go ahead and take tea bags off but leave the tea on For those non emergency burns, that’s most 1st and 2nd degree burns, the tannic acid in black tea seriously cuts down on the pain.


Full of vitamin E, oatmeal can soothe and heal the burnt skin too. When the burnt skin starts healing, it can begin itching too due to the accumulation of dead cells onto the skin surface. To avoid the itchiness and scratching, create a paste of oatmeal with water and use a thick coat onto the skin surface. Let it rest on and apply fresh coats before the skin is fully healed.

Lavender acrylic

You may also immediately put Lavender oil straight to the burned skin. Lavender has painkilling properties, promotes healing and provides you less possibility of scarring Once the burned area is larger you can pour Lavender oil onto a gauze or clean cloth, and put it on directly to the burn. You need to replace this gauze having a fresh one every couple of hours.

Mint leaves

Mint leaves can also be used to cool down the the burnt skin. Take two glasses of fresh mint leaves making a tea by adding single serving of boiling water and three tea bags too. Steep for 10 mins and strain the concoction.

Cool it within the refrigerator for a quarter-hour and then make use of a cotton ball or wash cloth for the treatment of the burnt skin. This helps the skin for cooling and heal too. Apply frequently all through the day.

Egg white

Egg-whites are no lacking a miracle cure for burns. Coat or soak the burned area in egg white. So long as it is wet you won’t feel pain in the burn. If this dries up, the pain sensation will return so then reapply fresh egg-whitesThis not just alleviates the pain sensation it actually heals and prevents scarring in the burn.

Tomato or grated potato

Put a slice of tomato or some grated potato or around the burn. The acid in the tomato takes the pain sensation away and can leave you with no blisters.